Week 37: 05/21/12 – 05/25/12

“A key characteristic of effective teachers & leaders: they learn….about themselves, about others, and about their job.”
-Garry Puetz 

WOW! It is hard to believe that we have reached the point in the school year where we only have one Friday remaining! We’ve had an awesome year of teaching & learning thus far, and I want to thank each and every staff member for the friendship and support you have shown me in my first year as principal at Kennedy.

It’s THAT time of the year…..in the middle of packing away materials, finishing report cards and last minute projects, there is one part of the year that is so bittersweet…..the good-byes! Remember to take time to tell your students what they mean to you this week. Have lunch in the classroom or outside, one final time. Ask each student to share their favorite memory. Share your favorite memories with your class. Send a Kennedy Kubbie positive postcard to every student and put it in the mail on the last day of school to wish them a great summer! ENJOY IT! It’s the happiest & saddest time all in one. Things will never be the same. You’ll never have another group JUST like them. So, while you’re counting down the last 5 days and trying to cross off those final items from your to-do list, remember to enjoy your final time together & make your end of the year count!
*from Venspired

Here’s our final week at a glance for the 2011-2012 school year!

Monday, May 21st:
Pass out yearbooks today! :)
ZOO Field Trip: 1st Grade & Rooms 103/107
SLC Swimming
3rd Grade Trip to Washington School 9:15am-11:15am
Retirement/25 yrs of service Celebration @ Great Escape (4:00pm)

Tuesday, May 22nd:
Pre School Celebrations/Graduations
ZOO Field Trip: 3rd Grade
Kindergarten Graduation Rehearsals @ 9:30am & 12:00pm (gym)
Faculty Meeting @ 2:30pm
8th Grade Graduation @ 7:00pm

Wednesday, May 23rd:
Kindergarten Graduation @ 9:00am (Rooms 129, 131, 132)
Kindergarten Graduation @ 11:00am (Rooms 127, 128, 130)
Common Plan (Assessment & End of the Year Records)

Thursday, May 24th:
3rd Grade Picnic
Common Core Committee Meeting @ 2:30pm
PATS Field Trip to Navy Pier/Children’s Museum @ 3:45pm

Friday, May 25th:
Last Day of School (1 hour long: Students dismiss at 8:55am)
End of the Year Check-Out with Donna/Melissa  *click here for checklist*
LUNCH @ RAM (See email in Kennedy Conference from Celebrations Committee for Last Day Lunch)

Week 36: 05/14/12 – 05/18/12

Do you want to have an EXRAORDINARY day this week?
Don’t wait for it to happen to you….Make it happen!

Here’s our (2nd to last) week (of the 2011-2013 school year) at a glance:

Monday, May 14th:
Cycle 6 Assessments This Week *scantrons in mailboxes*
Certified Staff: Please complete the KEYS SURVEY by the end of the day  www.keysonline.org
PreK/PATS Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo

Tuesday, May 15th:
Community Outreach Committee Meeting @ 7:20am (Room 206)
Kindergarten Zoo Field Trip
Pre-K Field Day/Picnic (Kennedy Field)
2nd Grade Picnic @ North Park
Vision Committee Meeting @ 2:30pm (Room 132)
Multicultural Committee Meeting @ 2:30pm (Room 118)
Mentor Celebration @ 3:45pm

Wednesday, May 16th:
Happy Birthday Rebecka Mirandola :) 
Kindergarten to Washington School for Buddies Activity
1/2 Day *click here for agenda*
Support Staff Luncheon
DLT Meeting @ 3:45pm
Board Meeting @ 7:00pm

Thursday, May 17th:
2nd Grade & Rms 101/109 Zoo Field Trip
1st Grade Picnic @ North Park
Multiage Class Building @ 3:00pm (Room 103)
3rd Grade Dinosaur Fair @ 6:30pm

Friday, May 18th:
Parent Volunteer Breakfast 8:15am-8:45am (Cafeteria)
**Info about classroom coverage will be emailed out later this week**
Last Spirit Assembly! (Trustworthiness)
Multiage Picnic @ North Park
Buddy Activity (conference room)

**As the last day of school is approaching, it’s very tempting to hit the “cruise control” button. Let’s make a commitment to finish the year as strong as we started & not hit the cruise control button…..our kids deserve better! Students will feed off our attitude and if we expect the best from them, then we must give them the best of us! :)

Week 35: 05/07/12 – 05/11/12

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! The entire week is about celebrating ALL OF YOU who influence the lives of our students. I certainly appreciate all the little things you do but what I appreciate the most is the safe, nurturing learning environments you create for our children. Our Kennedy Kubbies LOVE coming to school each day and know that each person cares about their well-being. It’s easy to love our Kennedy Kubbies — and many of them truly need us! We oftentimes play multiple roles in their lives as teacher, mentor, coach, friend, parent & advocate.Teaching is such a wonderful vocation. Many of us became teachers because of a teacher or teachers that had great influence over us at some point in our lives. I still remember MY favorite teacher, Mrs. Horn, and the impact she had on my life. Though we tried to keep in contact, we’ve lost touch, and I often wonder about how she is doing. Reflecting on the impact Mrs. Horn had on me in 4th grade has taught me that teachers are defined by their hearts, as well as their intellect. My wish for you is that years down the road, someone will think back on YOU and the meaning YOU added to their life. 

I hope you know how much I enjoy working with you and how proud I am to be your colleague. Thank you for all that you do here at Kennedy School. You are changing lives!

Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, May 7th:
Teacher Appreciation Breakfast in Faculty Lounge @ 7:30am.
SLC Swimming
Celebrations Committee Meeting @ 2:30pm (Room 104)

Tuesday, May 8th:
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in Faculty Lounge (10:30am-1:30pm)
Faculty Meeting @ 2:30pm
RTI Committee Meeting (immediately following Faculty Meeting in ROom 118)
Lincoln Band & Chorus Concert @ 7:00pm (LMS)

Wednesday, May 9th:
SLC/SLBC to Washington School for Outing
Transition Meetings @ Washington School from 8:15am-1:45pm
2nd Grade/Multiage Field Trip to Brunswick Bowling
TAPS Common Plan

Thursday, May 10th:
Memorial Day Dress Rehearsal @ LMS
Kindergarten Picnic @ North Park
Kennedy School Memorial Day Concerts @ LMS

Friday, May 11th:
FIELD DAY! <—click for schedule

(05/13) Happy Birthday Carrie Sipple :) 

Certified Staff should complete the KEYS Survey by visiting www.keysonline.org
Then click, TAKE THE SURVEY at the top and enter our school’s zip code & select our school name. Please complete the KEYS Survey by Monday, May 14th :) Thank you!