Week 22: 01/28/13 – 02/01/13

From Venspired:

I used to think collaboration was just ‘working with others.’ Get together & make some plans. Divide up the workload. But it’s really so much more. It’s about people. It’s about a willingness to know that you can learn something new from every person you meet. Simple moments that become something more because of others. It’s the kind of collaboration that asks each other the hard questions, that pushes each of us to move forward, and the kind that continually inspires us to be come better versions of ourselves. It’s the kind of collaboration that matters.

I look forward to working with all of you during this Wednesday’s 1/2 Day on creating I CAN statements based on our powered standards. Let’s all come prepared to collaborate.

Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, January 28th:
Reading Room Begins Again
*Thanks to the Reading Room Team for administering ACCESS to our ELL students! Thank you also to Rebecka Mirandola, our building ELL Coordinator, for organizing and facilitating a smooth ACCESS administration period this year!*
100th Day of School! :) *check below for some ideas*
SEL Committee Meeting @ 3:45pm (Teacher’s Lounge)

Tuesday, January 29th:
Parent/Teacher Collaboration Committee Meeting 5:30pm-6:30pm

Wednesday, January 30th:
SLBC to Subway
1/2 Day: School Improvement Day

Thursday, January 31st:

Friday, February 1st:
Happy Birthday Christa Henkel :)
Pre School Screening 

Here are some ideas I’ve pinned for the 100th Day:




Week 21: 01/21/13 – 01/25/13

I hope everyone enjoyed their 3-day weekend! Bundle up….it’s cold out there!
Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, January 21st:

Tuesday, January 22nd:
*Effective Today* All Staff Members Must Wear their ID Badges while in the building.
PATS Field Trip to the Field Museum
Faculty Meetings at 2:30pm & 3:30pm
Happy Birthday Michelle Morgan :) 

Wednesday, January 23rd:
2nd Grade Field Trip to Cernan Space Center
SLBC to Aracely’s Bakery
TAPS Common Plan

Thursday, January 24th:
NO Kennedy Singers this week

Friday, January 25th:
Spirit Assembly (Respect) @ 9:00am
Happy Birthday Brooke Gorowski :) 

(01/27) Special Olympics: Basketball Competition at Deerfield HS from 9:15am-1:00pm
*We’d like to welcome everyone to come cheer on our District 81 athletes as they participate in the Special Olympics Individual Basketball Skills Competition this Sunday!

Week 20: 01/14/13 – 01/18/13

Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, January 14th:
Health/Life Safety Visits…remember not to prop doors open, no candles, 2 foot clearing from ceiling to anything stored up high on cabinets!
ACCESS TESTING BEGINS! >> Reminder: No Reading Room this week!
(Faculty Lounge will be closed for testing during parts of the day)
Reading/ELL Committee Meeting @ 3:30pm

Tuesday, January 15th:
Happy Birthday Ami Freeman :)
Buddy Committee Meeting @ 7:20am (Room 109)
Mentor Meeting @ 3:45pm

Wednesday, January 16th:
Reading/ELL Common Plan
Board of Education Meeting @ 7:00pm (LMS)

Thursday, January 17th:
Happy Birthday Cheri Grimaldi :)
SLT Meeting @ 3:00pm

Friday, January 18th:
PreK Field Trip to Museum of Science & Industry
5 by Friday! Let’s send out those Kubbie postcards! :)


Our nurse, Patty, started her maternity leave today. Nidia (Washington’s LPN) will be filling in at Kennedy until Patty returns. Please be sure to stop in and introduce yourself to Nidia and show her a warm, Kennedy welcome.  

Week 19: 01/07/13 – 01/11-13

Quoted From Venspired:
The best part about a New Year is that it always feels like a fresh start. No matter what. We turn the page, finish one calendar and start another. We try to start remembering to put the right year when we write the date (I’m sure most of us will be writing 2012/2013 tomorrow on our boards!).

2012 was a year full of memorable moments—may your 2013 be a year of “new”….
new ideas, new connections, new challenges, new gratitude, new perspectives.

As we embark on the second half of the school year, I encourage everyone to take some time and reflect on your performance since the beginning of the school year. The KEEP, STOP, and DO activity always helps me reflect on my practices; both professional & personal. What do I want to keep doing? What do I want to stop doing? What do I want to start doing?

Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, January 7th:
Welcome Back!
Winter Benchmarking begins

Tuesday, January 8th:
Faculty Meeting @ 2:30pm *email Melissa or Donna with any items to add to the agenda*

Wednesday, January 9th:
SLBC to Jewel
SEL 8th Grade Buddies visit 3rd Grade at Kennedy
Assessment Common Plan (*Review Cycle 3 assessment results*)

Thursday, January 10th:
Celebrations Committee Meeting @ 2:30pm (Room 104)
District RTI Committee Meeting @ 3:45pm (District Office Conference Room)
Happy Birthday Ricardo Cano :) 

Friday, January 11th:
Happy Birthday Nicole Smit :)
5 by Friday

Here are some New Years activities I found on Pinterest. Click on each picture for more info: