Week 27: 02/29/16 – 03/04/16

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Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, February 29th
Construction Update Meeting (2:30pm in cafe for K-3 & 2:50pm in Room 135 for PreK)
Oh, the Places You’ll Go Day – A different teacher will read in your class

Tuesday, March 1st
Pennies for Patients Begins<–flyer will go home with students with their collection boxes
PARCC Meeting with 3rd Grade @ 2:30pm (Room 202)
Happy Birthday Tami Ericksen :)
Green Eggs & Ham Day – Wear Green to School!

Wednesday, March 2nd
Dr. Seuss Night! 6:00pm-7:30pm **Hope to see you all there**
Happy Birthday Bonnie Bricker :)
Wacky Wednesday – Show off your wacky hair! 

Thursday, March 3rd
Talent Show Practice After School (2:30p-4:00pm)
SLT Meeting @ 3:00pm
Happy Birthday Natalie Barcas :)
Cat in the Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat to school

Friday, March 4th
Summative Evaluation Meetings for Non-Tenured Teachers (Scheduled by administrators)
Fox in Socks Day – Wear willy socks to school

(03/05) Happy Birthday Debi Cesario :)

Looking for Dr. Seuss Activities? Click the hat below:

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Keep in mind we will have many visitors in our building on Wednesday for the big event! It would be wonderful if our hallways were adorned with activities that honor Dr. Seuss and Read Across America week. Please give your classroom spaces some extra TLC. Please also have your students organize/clean their Kubbies in the hallway. This is our opportunity to shine! Let’s continue to make Dr. Seuss Night a memorable event for our students, families and the community of Schiller Park!

Week 26: 02/22/16 – 02/26/16

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.00.59 PMIt’s that time of the year.
Where winter break is definitely in the past.
Where we’re starting to feel a bit of the testing pressure.
We’re stressed about conferences & report cards.
When Spring Break is close…..but not quite close enough.
Take time today to remember that we alone have the power to choose our good attitude.

Be the kind of person who doesn’t allow other people or circumstances to dictate how we feel or treat those around us. Instead, be the consistent one for those around you.
Be thankful for the impact that we have on not only our students, but also on our peers.

Choose to be happy. Choose to be positive. Choose to smile. That doesn’t mean you are unaware of circumstances, or stress, or drama, or struggles….it just means you choose to RISE above it, and be happy anyway. To let your mood be dictated by your blessings and not your afflictions.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.50.45 PMWe constantly preach to our Kubbies the importance of being kind and how one small act can make someone’s day — I may be a week late to the “Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb 14-20)” but I still challenge you to the Random Acts of Kindness Teacher Challenge — can you complete 10 simple, kind acts that will make our students’ and colleagues’ days just a bit brighter? Let’s make February 22nd-26th Kennedy School’s #RAKWEEK *A copy can be found in everyone’s mailbox!

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.39.22 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.41.30 PMHere’s our week at a glance:

Monday, February 22nd

Tuesday, February 23rd
1/2 Day of School (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
*Click here for schedule! Be sure to keep it current if parents cancel or reschedule
*NO Faculty Meeting due to conferences

Wednesday, February 24th
Report Cards Sent Home (with those students who did not have a Spring conference)

Thursday, February 25th
Baby & Bridal Shower @ 2:45pm (Cafeteria)
Happy Birthday Shannon David :)

Friday, February 26th
SLBC Swimming
Spirit Assembly @ 9:00am

(02/28) Happy Birthday Alicia Peccatiello :)

Blog Posts Worth Reading:
His Smile by Jon Harper

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Resources by Technology Rocks, Seriously

Week 25: 02/15/16 – 02/19/16

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There is so much that goes in to making each day at Kennedy School successful, from arrival/dismissal duties, hallway passings, serving 400+ children hot lunch, communication with parents, 1:1 student conferences about academics or behavior, individual supports for some of our neediest students….the list goes on! And that doesn’t even include the work that goes into planning and implementing the stellar learning opportunities that you provide students each day! In addition to the day-to-day work you do to make this the best school for students, there are countless moments that you are working together as a staff to collaborate or problem-solve, showing you’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure students experience success. Not every solution works for everyone, but I’m confident that you always keep children at the forefront of your decision-making, you never give-up on any child, and you ultimately always do what’s best for your students. That’s why we’re here. As the school year moves forward, let’s continue to work together, support one another, and more importantly, support our students! TOGETHER we can continue to move forward to make Kennedy School the best school for our students!

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Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, February 15th
NO SCHOOL: Presidents’ Day
Happy Birthday Melissa Alicea :)
Happy Birthday Agnes Niewinski :)

Tuesday, February 16th
Talent Show Tryouts (During the day)

Wednesday, February 17th
2nd/3rd TAPS
Board of Education Meeting @ 7pm (LMS)
*Favorite Childhood Book Google Form & Picture due to Tiffany
Happy Birthday Jackie Hood :)
Happy Birthday Mike Deany :)

Thursday, February 18th
SLT Meeting @ 3:00pm
BPAC Meeting @ 3:15pm
Happy Birthday Nikki Culberson :)

Friday, February 19th
Reading Room Plan Day

Looking for a Safe Search Engine for our Kubbies?
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.17.29 PM

Kiddle, powered by Google, is a site that is great for younger students.
Kiddle searches safe sites written specifically for kids, sites with content written in an easy way for kids to understand (handpicked by Kiddle editors), and famous sites written for adults but with great content (filtered by Google). A message pops up if a student tries to search for something in appropriate.
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.19.44 PM
Kiddle is visual, has a big thumbnail image for each results, and is super readable since the print is larger than normal search results.
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.21.11 PM
It includes options for Web, Images, News and Videos – just like Google.
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.22.05 PM

Presidents’ Day Fun:
Click here to view the Technology Rocks. Seriously blog post <–tons of ideas !

Blog Post Worth Reading:
How to Break Free of the Dreaded Teacher Slump via Pernille Ripp

All They Need Is Love via Andy Jacks

Thought for the Week:
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Week 24: 02/08/16 – 02/12/16

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Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, February 8th
Cycle 4 Assessments
PATS Field Trip to Shedd Aquarium
Jump Rope for Heart Week
Rooms 101/109 Field Trip to PF Changs
New Teacher Meeting @ 2:50pm
Happy Birthday Linda Jennings :)

Tuesday, February 9th
103/107 Field Trip to PF Changs
Faculty Meeting @ 2:50pm

Wednesday, February 10th
104/106 Field Trip to PF Changs
Kindergarten Information Night @ 6:00pm (cafeteria)
TAPS Common Plan for PreK/Kinder/1st

Thursday, February 11th
1st-3rd Grades to LMS for Washington Musical
207/208 Field Trip to PF Changs

Friday, February 12th
Trimester 2
February Buddy Event
PreK Field Trip to Stahl Family Theater
*Spring Parent/Teacher Conference Schedules due by Friday! <–click for google doc

(02/15) No School: Presidents’ Day
Happy Birthday Agnes Niewinski :)
Happy Birthday Melissa Alicea :)

Interested in ordering a Dr. Seuss Shirt?  Click here
Shirts are $20/each, come in white, black or blue with either glitter or metallic writing. Orders are due by Tuesday!
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