Week 12: 10/30/17 – 11/03/17

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The storybook pumpkins look AMAZING! The pumpkins are a perfect example of the wonderful, creative, imaginative work that can happen when great minds get together! You showed tremendous teamwork and I am so proud of your efforts and creativity. Everytime our students walk through the media center, they admire the Storybook Pumpkins and comment on how creative they are! NICE JOB!!! Remember — each student should cast their vote for their FAVORITE storybook pumpkin on Halloween! Google Form ballot will be emailed out tomorrow!

Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, October 30th
Reading Room Plan with 3rd Grade (Presentation Space) @ 2:35pm

Tuesday, October 31st
Halloween Parades <—see doc for all info
8:45am (AM PreK Parade), 12:30pm (PM PreK Parade), and 1:00pm (K-3 parade)

Wednesday, November 1st

Thursday, November 2nd
SLT Math Meeting @ 2:35pm (PD Space Upstairs)

Friday, November 3rd
Trimester 1 Ends
Fall Birthday Breakfast (in Lounge)
PreK Screening

**Reminder for Tenured Teachers*
Tenure teacher professional growth meetings completed before November 1st.
ALL tenured teachers must complete a Professional Growth Plan.

16 Best Classroom Pandora Stations, As Recommended by Teachers

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