Week 23: 02/05/18 – 02/09/18

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Here’s our week at a glance:

Monday, February 5th
Happy Birthday Jenna Bartello :)
Yearbook Club (2:30pm-4:00pm in Project Space)
Reading Room Plan with 2nd Grade

Tuesday, February 6th
Happy Birthday Heather Longo :)
Happy Birthday Dina Natale :)

Wednesday, February 7th
Happy Birthday Alanna Mixter :)
Happy Birthday Izabela Rybinski :)
TAPS (2nd/3rd Grades)

Thursday, February 8th
SLT (Math) @ 2:35pm
Kindergarten Information Night (6:00pm)

Friday, February 9th
February Buddy Event
5 by Friday :)

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Blog Posts Worth Reading:
The Lost Art of Listening by Eric Sheninger

15 Fantastic Ways to Teach Mindfulness To KidsĀ 

Some Small Ideas to Help Students Self-Select Books Better by Pernille Ripp

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